Flat-Out Auto to Offer Two-Door GMC Sierra 1500 With Removable Hardtop

February 4th, 2022 by


GMC Sierra 1500 fans will soon get the opportunity to purchase a variant of the iconic Sierra 1500, a two-door version with a detachable roof. This new variant will come from the auto parts and accessories group Flat-Out Auto. The parts company recently posted a picture on the social media site Facebook with a digital render of the potential Sierra 1500. Of those who saw the render, many praised the welcomed addition. According to Flat-Out Auto, those interested in the two-door GMC Sierra 1500 need only ask to see the full package details. We’ll be taking a look at the full package and seeing what fans can hope to expect from the custom shop.  

Flat-Out Auto To Offer Two-Door Sierra 1500

The custom parts and accessories shop Flat-Out Auto will be offering consumers the opportunity to purchase a special variant GMC Sierra 1500. The new pickup will be a two-door version of the Sierra 1500. It will feature a removable roof, a tailgate, and four-wheel drive. For those interested in the special variant, they can contact Flat-Out Auto for more details and information. The auto group initially posted a digital render on Facebook to gauge potential interest in the new variant. The reception was overwhelmingly positive. 

The auto parts group Flat-Out Auto has modified many vehicles before. One of these was a K5 Chevy Blazer which did not see a cheap conversion price. To modify the K5 Blazer, Flat-Out used a modern-day Tahoe/Yukon pre-build. The end cost was a considerable $69,000 and that excluded the cost of the donor vehicle. As of the time of writing, there hasn’t been any price information about the two-door Sierra 1500. Given the price of the K5 conversion, however, consumers can expect to pay a moderate amount. Thankfully, the modification cost would include parts, labor, and a respray.

The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 serves as a good base vehicle for Flat-Out’s modification. Starting at $31,200 (plus destination fee), the pickup proves a capable and durable vehicle. It makes use of a 3.0L turbodiesel and a 10-speed automatic transmission but for those wanting more power, Flat-Out may upgrade the engine to a more powerful 6.2L V8. Either way, consumers wanting a two-door Sierra 1500 will be in luck. Flat-Out Auto will have a purchase list for those interested. We’ll be waiting to see the final product.

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