All 2024 GMC Canyon Pickups Get Ultifi Software Platform

July 21st, 2023 by

GM announced that every one of the trim levels of the Canyon’s 2024 model year would integrate the automaker’s new end-to-end vehicle software, Ultifi.


Software Platform Ultifi

The 2024 GMC Canyon has several superior technologies, with Ultifi giving the capability to feature new programmed functions and features to present-day hardware through future over-the-air software program application updates. Ultifi acts as a “central nervous system” for the 2024 GMC Canyon and different vehicles geared up with it. Based on GM’s Vehicle Intelligence Platform (VIP) or Global B electric architecture, Ultifi will make the Canyon exceedingly connected and customizable. Ultifi additionally can be paired with interfacing with the owner’s smart home, which consists of abilities like switching on security systems at the same time as the owner leaves and turning them off after they return, converting the house temperature, and similar utilities.


Duncan Aldred stated, “The market continues to experience a surge of interest in the midsize space. The next-generation GMC Canyon and the all-new Canyon AT4X AEV Edition have been designed to deliver on customers’ demand for a capable, premium vehicle equipped with purposeful technology.”


GM CEO Mary Barra additionally believes Ultifi will continue making GM vehicles profitable for the corporation into their second and third ownerships as future clients buying the automobiles choose to buy upgrades modernizing their new acquisition. Ultifi is the future, and it will keep on advancing over time.


Ultifi is already a super improvement, but it does not stop there; something even cooler that this system can do is Ultifi may use facial recognition to start the engine and, as quickly as on the road, could enhance the effectiveness of safety systems. GM selected to base Ultifi on a Linux software program, making it possible for third-party programmers to expand Ultifi software programs in areas of the platform where GM chooses to permit access.


The 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X 

The new AEV Edition consists of a factory-installed 4.5-inch lift kit, which increases it by 1.5 inches above the normal Canyon AT4X; ground clearance is 12.2 inches. The AEV beadlock-capable Salta wheels are put on 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory M/T tires, and there is an AEV in-bed vertical mount for the spare tire. The truck consists of an up-to-date front fascia and larger fender flares; AEV stamped steel on the front and rear bumpers with heavy-duty recovery points and front winch capability; five hot-stamped boron underbody skid plates; and AEV branding at the bumpers, head restraints, and floor liners. On each of the 2024 Canyon AT4X and AT4X AEV Edition, the “Baja” drive mode now provides launch control, where the driver simultaneously presses the brake and throttle and then releases the brakes for faster acceleration and overall performance. The feature “learns” the driving surface, such as sand versus firm footing, and adjusts the engine’s overall performance on the next launches.


Southern Buick Lynnhaven

GMC has advanced its system right into the future, the Ultifi software platform is a nearly out-of-this-world development. The 2024 Canyon in which already splendid; however, with this new system, they may be on an entirely different level. While waiting for the 2024 Canyon to be released, come into Southern Buick Lynnhaven and drive a number of their other splendid models.

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