The Perfect Balance Between Off-Road Capability and Daily Comfort is the 2024 GMC Canyon

February 1st, 2024 by

The GMC Canyon’s remarkable range of capabilities makes it a versatile and reliable truck that can easily handle various tasks. Whether you need a vehicle for work or leisure, the Canyon comes equipped with features that allow it to perform well both on and off the road. From hauling heavy loads to navigating rough terrains, this truck is designed to tackle any challenge that comes its way.


Conquer Any Terrain

The 2024 GMC Canyon is a remarkable midsize pickup truck that distinguishes itself from its competitors. The most recent Canyon model features a redesigned appearance, providing drivers with a range of trims, each with its own unique style. Consumers can select an elegant and refined appearance with the Denali or a rugged and tough appearance with the AT4.


One of the 2024 Canyon’s most significant highlights is its turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain, which produces an impressive 430 pound-feet of torque. In contrast to some of its rivals, the Canyon offers the highest power specification across all trim levels, ensuring that drivers receive the most powerful engine, regardless of their chosen model.


The 2024 GMC Canyon model has undergone notable upgrades, rendering it even more superior to its predecessor. For instance, GMC has introduced a new model for the new year, the AT4X AEV Edition, which enhances the truck’s off-road capabilities beyond what the already impressive AT4X offers. Additionally, GMC has made the 11-inch digital instrument cluster standard across all trims,  previously only available on the Denali and AT4X.


The 2024 Canyon’s interior is just as impressive as its exterior. The cabin is loaded with tech features that are easy to use and highly responsive. The 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen is standard across all trims and includes wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. All trims come with the same 11-inch digital cluster, making it simple to stay connected and in control while on the road.


Despite its emphasis on technology, the Canyon still has traditional hard buttons and knobs for essential items like climate controls, drive modes, and volume control. The shifter is also substantial and conventional, and the cupholders and door pockets offer ample space for beverages.


The GMC Canyon distinguishes itself from other midsize pickups with its unique air vent designs, dashboard trimmings, and luxurious interior features. The Denali, for instance, comes with exquisite laser-etched wood accents, high-quality leather, and artful stitching. In contrast, the AT4X features sporty red accents throughout and premium leather upholstery.


Despite its larger size, the Canyon is still classified as a midsize pickup truck. It comes in only one body style – a crew cab with a short bed measuring 5 feet, 1 inch. The 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces 310 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque, making it a torque monster on the road. The eight-speed automatic transmission is the only option, and while rear-wheel drive comes standard on the Elevation trim, four-wheel drive is standard on every other trim and optional on the Elevation.


The Canyon’s impressive fuel economy is 19 mpg city, 23 mpg highway, and 20 mpg combined with rear-wheel drive. For non-AT4X four-wheel-drive variants, those figures drop to 18/22/19 mpg. The AT4X has a lower fuel economy rating at 16/16/16 mpg, which is expected given its big, heavy, and extra-grippy all-terrain tires.


Southern Buick Lynnhaven

The 2024 GMC Canyon is an exceptional midsize pickup truck that offers a perfect blend of style and performance. With a robust engine, advanced technology features, and a lavish interior, it is an outstanding choice in its class. Whether you are looking for a truck that can handle challenging terrains or a smooth and sophisticated ride, the Canyon is definitely worth considering. Come into Southern Buick Lynnhaven today and explore this remarkable truck’s amazing features.

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