Specialty GMC Hummer EV Edition One to be Sold by Neiman Marcus

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A special edition GMC Hummer EV will be going on sale this holiday season. Luxury department store Neiman Marcus will be offering a GMC Hummer EV Edition One as part of its holiday catalog. The high-end department store has sold Hummers before like the Hummer H1 Limited Edition, but this is the first time it will be offering a Hummer EV. Alongside the special edition Hummer, Neiman Marcus will be offering the lucky buyer two VIP tickets to Barrett-Jackson Auctions CEO Craig Jackson’s skybox. In addition to this skybox access, Jackson will be allowing the buyer the chance to drop the gavel during the 2022 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. All this sounds like a great holiday gift but the price tag for the Hummer EV Edition One is hefty. For this grand gift, the lucky owner will have to spot $285,000. Given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it may just be worth it.

Neiman Marcus to Offer Hummer EV Edition One

Neiman Marcus will be offering one lucky customer the chance to purchase a Hummer EV Edition One. The Hummer will be designed by Barrett-Jackson Auctions CEO Craig Jackson. In addition, Jackson will be providing the sole customer with two VIP tickets to visit his skybox and the chance to drop the gavel during the 2022 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction in Arizona. This is an opportunity unlike any other. The cost for the special edition Hummer is hefty ($285,000), but with the opportunities surrounding it, it seems like a great holiday gift.

The Hummer EV Edition One was specially designed by Craig Jackson. Inside the EV pickup are two-tone leather seats and red anodized metal accents. Printed above the shifter on the center console it reads, ‘Neiman Marcus Exclusive One of One.’ This distinguishes the specialty Hummer EV from a dealership Hummer. The center of the steering wheel also features a Barrett-Jackson logo with red accents around it. Neiman Marcus badging can be seen on the dashboard and NM is stitched on the headrests. The Hummer EV Edition One gets all the features of GMC’s Hummer and more. The pickup features a ‘Watts to Freedom’ mode that allows the owner to reach 60 mph in three seconds. The iconic CrabWalk mode also comes available. 

Included with the Hummer EV Edition One is an Extreme Off-Road Package. This includes 36-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires on black 18-inch aluminum wheels. Front e-lockers and rear virtual rear lockers, skid plates, ball spline half shafts, and an 18-view camera system are also included. The owner of this special edition Hummer will also have a $10,000 donation made to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. This foundation helps bring enriching art experiences to the youth. The owner will also receive an EV charging station installed in their home. They will also be given priority parking at a Neiman Marcus store of their choosing. For those looking for an exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this Hummer EV Edition One makes the cut. 


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