Prototype Buick Electra E4 Spotted

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The all-new all-electric Buick Electra was recently spotted wrapped in camouflage. The electric crossover SUV had been officially confirmed for production by General Motors after first being spotted in China. As many automakers move toward electric vehicles, Buick is hoping to join the fray. The Buick Electra initially started as a concept vehicle, but based on several trademark filings, the electric crossover SUV has been confirmed as the automaker’s first EV. Based on the trademark filings, the Electra name will make up several different EVs. Each will have a number used to differentiate them. The Buick Electra that was recently spotted is believed to be the Electra E4. We’ll take a closer look at the spy shots and see what consumers can expect.  

Buick Electra E4 Spotted While Testing

The all-new all-electric Buick Electra was recently spotted wrapped in camouflage. Although the electric crossover SUV was confirmed for production by General Motors (GM), it is still uncertain whether it will make its way to the United States. The Buick Electra was initially seen in China although evidence points toward it making its way overseas. For one, the Electra name was seen in several trademark filings indicating that it will consist of a family of EVs. Another indication is that the recent prototype was spotted in Milford, Michigan. While it is not strong evidence that the Buick Electra will come to the U.S, Buick would do well in offering an array of electric vehicles given the recent fervor.

As for the prototype that was spotted, based on its dimensions and proportions, many believe it to be the Electra E4. One of nine, the Electra E4 seems to be a compact crossover SUV. While the SUV was wrapped in full camouflage, we were able to identify pop-out door handles as well as the shape of the headlights and taillights. The design itself was unidentifiable, however. 

The Buick Electra E4 will ride on GM’s Ultium EV architectural platform. This platform will make use of lithium-ion batteries that were developed in partnership with LG Chem. As for the motor, it’s expected that the Buick Electra E4 will be offered with a single motor on the rear axle for a rear-wheel drive setup. A dual-motor setup may also be offered. For now, we will have to wait for more information to see if the Buick Electra will make its way to the United States. Since there are supposedly nine versions of the electric SUV, at least one should make its way to U.S markets. Until then, we’ll be staying tuned. 


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