GM Teases New Electric Buick in Ultifi Video

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General Motors (GM) recently released a new video for their Ultifi software platform. Ultifi is GM’s end-to-end software platform that the automaker hopes will transform how consumers interact with their vehicles. During the video, we get a glimpse of a new concept GM may be working on, a Buick EV. Lately, GM has been focusing on producing electric vehicles such as their GMC Hummer EV. Electric vehicles have been on the mind of many automakers as the current climate crisis rages on. They have become more accepted into the mainstream as consumers see what automakers are working to implement within them. In their Ultifi video, GM incorporated a short frame of what appears to be an electric Buick concept vehicle. We can see the concept car’s futuristic-looking interior as well as a profile view. We also catch a glimpse of the Buick logo on the tail of the car. Although the video highlights GM’s new software platform, the few seconds we see the Buick EV are almost more exciting. Clearly, GM will make use of their new platform to provide consumers with easier over-the-air and software updates. Seeing is different from hearing, however, and seeing the cool futuristic Buick gives consumers more to look forward to in our opinion.

New Buick EV Concept on the Way?

GM’S new video showing their Ultifi software platform looks promising. The ability to receive over-the-air updates for one’s vehicle is the epitome of convenience. Along with updates, owners will be able to view their vehicle’s features and system diagnostics to check for ending warranties or maintenance checkups. Truly the future will revolve around technology and convenience. This leads us to the futuristic Buick EV that was shown briefly near the end of the Ultifi video.  

GM’s concept Buick EV looks sleek and refined. The profile view we get shows a fastback design with cab-back proportions. We also see a long hood line. The concept car features a two-tone color treatment that allows its black roof to complement its silver-grey lower body. In the video, we also get a look at the tail of the vehicle which looks to be pointed and sharp. This is the opposite of the front profile as the front overhang is very short. As the Buick EV skirts off-screen, we see an extended glass section and long narrow tail lights. The Buick logo is the last image we see of the Buick EV concept car before we’re given a wide camera shot of a seemingly utopian city. This is perhaps an allusion to the future world GM envisions.

Throughout the Ultifi video, much information surrounds GM’s advanced software system. This system will seemingly redefine how owners interact with their vehicles. It looks like the technology GM uses will push the boundaries of what convenience means. But going back to the Buick EV concept car, we do get a brief glimpse of the interior cabin. What we see looks to be a digital screen mounted behind the steering wheel. To the right of this is another infotainment screen. The seats look sleek with heavy side bolsters and a devising B-pillar hints at the possibility of a four-door model. The driver looks to be using gesture control, a hint at the possibilities of GM’s technology. We’ll be waiting for more information, but from what we’ve seen, it looks like this next-generation Buick will redefine EVs. Here’s hoping it comes equipped with GM’s Ultium-powered batteries.

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