General Motors Is Crafting a New Electric Buick SUV

September 15th, 2023 by

 A new electric Buick SUV may be in development after a recent GM Design painting.


New Painting 

A new painting by Geoffrey Richmond showcased in a recent release from GM Design hints at Buick’s upcoming flagship electric SUV. The drawing bears a striking resemblance to Kia’s EV9, featuring a powerful stance, high clearance, and spacious interior.


Although the powertrain of the upcoming vehicle has yet to be confirmed, Buick has committed to becoming an all-electric brand by 2030, which makes an electric SUV a likely possibility. While Buick has not yet launched an all-electric vehicle in the US, it has already introduced several EV models in China. In June of last year, the mid-level luxury brand launched the E4 electric-powered SUV in China, the second EV based on the Ultium platform after the larger E5.


Buick Electric Vehicles

The latest addition to Buick’s electric vehicle lineup is the Electra E5, recently unveiled in China. This SUV is the first of many Buick EVs carefully crafted for the Chinese market and is powered by the state-of-the-art Ultium platform. The Electra E5 boasts Buick’s new PURE design language and is packed with advanced features like the Virtual Cockpit System and Super Cruise driver assist technology. Customers can choose from five different versions of the Electra E5, with prices ranging from 28,719 to 38,343 USD (plus destination fee). Buick is also introducing the Avenir trim to its Buick EV lineup for the first time, offering customers a unique persona to match their preferences. The Avenir trim is the pinnacle of Buick’s luxury. By the end of 2025, Buick plans to have five Ultium products in its lineup, covering MPVs, SUVs, and sedans in the mainstream EV segment.


Buick recently launched the Electra E4, their latest electric SUV model, which showcases the brand’s signature “Pure Design” language. The SAIC-GM PATAC design team in Shanghai, known for their work with General Motors, has confirmed that future models will include design elements from the Electra-X concept. The E4 boasts a sleek, modern front design and a fastback-shaped rear end, with a long wheelbase of 116 inches that gives it a coupe-like appearance. The SUV’s aerodynamic features are accentuated by a rear spoiler, suspended roof, slim LED lights, and concealed door handles. The sporty GS version has a black crystal rhombic grille, 20-inch flower wing drag wheels, and an exclusive night bronze interior, among other features.


The Electra E4 is Buick’s second EV based on the Ultium platform. The SUV has a 30-inch curved 6K infotainment screen with high pixel density and a next-gen auto cockpit platform that boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. The SUV comes in both dual-motor and single-motor versions, with the latter having a 150 kW maximum output and being powered by a 65 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery that offers a CLTC cruising range of 329 miles.


Southern Buick Lynnhaven

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited E4 electric SUV and E5 models might be on their way to the US, hopefully. These vehicles boast state-of-the-art technology, exceptional features, and stunning designs. In addition, we would be proud to introduce a new addition to our lineup. We invite you to visit Southern Buick Lynnhaven and explore everything that we have to offer.

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