Buick’s Design Resulted From A Sketching Accident

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Buick recently revealed how it decided on its new logo. According to the automaker, its logo was drafted by designer Geoffrey Richmond. Richmond had not finished the sketch but nonetheless, it had fallen into the hands of GM president Mark Reuss. From there Reuss loved the concept and thus the automaker adopted the new logo. The reason for the transition was to prepare for an EV future. Buick is reportedly planning to only offer EVs by 2030. The automaker has already started work on the Buick Electra which will consist of a family of electric SUVs. For now, we’ll take a closer look at the creation of Buick’s logo and see where the automaker will go from here. 

Buick’s New Logo A Happy Accident

Buick recently revealed the backstory for how it adopted its new logo. According to the automaker, the new logo was selected by GM president Mark Reuss. This was only after Reuss spotted the incomplete logo which was drafted by one of Buick’s designers Geoffrey Richmond. Richmond had been given the assignment of creating a new logo but the sketch was incomplete. This didn’t stop president Reuss from examining the logo and immediately choosing it as the brand’s new logo. According to Mark Reuss,

“The redesigned columns of the tri-shield incorporate fluid movements that convey motion,” Reuss said. “It’s sleek and dynamic, and I love that we’ll see it on all Buicks going forward into the new era of electrification for the brand and for the company.”

The reason for the adoption of a new logo was Buick’s desire to transition to electric vehicles. According to the automaker, it plans to completely transition to EVs by 2030. While this may seem like an ambitious goal, Buick has already taken steps toward its electrification process. Its first electric vehicle is set to be the Electra E4. The compact crossover has already been seen being tested and is expected to ride on GM’s Ultium EV architectural platform. It has also been discovered that it will make up one of nine EVs.

With its new logo, Buick is laying a foundation for its EV future. The Buick Electra will make up the first EVs to come from the automaker and while we do not have many details about them, they are expected to utilize lithium-ion batteries. Although it may seem that Buick is entering the EV world a bit late, it does give the automaker time to produce an effective and highly capable EV. For now, we’ll be staying tuned for more information. 


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